How VIDA Creates American Success Stories

Veronica Montemayor and Isidro Ramos lead different parts of the Valley Initiative for Development and Advancement (VIDA), the Rio Grande’s career guidance, training, and life skills nonprofit whose graduates have gone on to thousands of successful careers since 1995.

The organization tackles unemployment and underemployment issues of the region by creating the ideal circumstances for its residents to learn new skills for in-demand jobs. VIDA’s support services include intensive case management and financial assistance to help its program participants make better lives for themselves and those around them.

But that’s only part of what makes VIDA so special. Its job training component includes pursuing degrees and/or industry recognized credentials in fields of healthcareSTEM, and skilled trades. The program training can be as short as weeks and as long as years, but the inevitable result is individuals who are prepared for roles that desperately need to be filled.

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